“I must endure some caterpillars
if I want to know butterflies,
it seems that they are so beautiful”

An emerald green caterpillar with two horns on his head.
Eats and sleeps until ashamed of his useless rest, after becoming huge, on two rows of soft foot, starts working. Drags himself as a soul still chained inside a little body horrendous to weave his job and shut himself in quickly.
Feel the fire that consumes him, and anxiety that transforms.
Press for the abandonment of his earth journey until the eye at the end does not see the small emerald green caterpillar.

Camouflaging means to survive

The art of hiding in nature, so effective, escapes at the attention of a quick look: our persistent inattention!
A careless soul can not notice the shape because beauty knows how to hide itself in insignificant details.
Camouflage:contrasts, shades, imitate someone or something.
Be dangerous or disgusting (Batesian camouflage), does not seem desirable to hide as "good '' is hidden in us. In order for the "predator", mindful of past and indigestible experiences, remember the source of his evils and steers clear of us.
Preteding requires skill to imitate both the noble and the ignoble, accuracy in the execution of the color to become similar to the surrounding environment mingling with it, and an attitude that changes with the changing circumstances.
And the pretender caterpillar that can more accurately this knows to be best than man! The best trip of a life is it not only being yourself?

The Caterpillar predator

The Caterpillar! The Caterpillar! The cute pet in the guise of a rabid predator alarms plants that with a botanical alert shout aid nearby: help request in the hope of reinforcements.
Viewpoints. It's just a caterpillar.
Browses leaf almost to fall. Continue eating, forced into a smaller surface with the leaf that boils down and the Caterpillar does not stop. He has a great desire. The world is a green expanse for him.
The world is a beech leaf and has the color of hope. A leaf is not enough. Locked in the cage, if only it could stretch to infinity.
Will the Caterpillar fly turning into butterflies or fall? The enchantment is an enemy of caution.

“And if you become butterfly,
nobody never again thinks about what you was
when creeped ground and did not want the wings.”